Chou-fleur Bertelur

God bless my little kitchen
I love its every nook
And bless me as I do my work
Wash pots and pans and cook

My Little Kitchen

by : MiouQueuing

Salam dapur! Jom kita main masak-masak hari ini, baik??? Baikkkkk!!!!!

Untuk pelajar-pelajar dalam mahupun luar negara; yang kena masak sendiri (padan muka); bila tengah khusyuk menguliti buku di malam gelita; tiba-tiba perut menyanyi senandung duka; bangunlah dari kerusi dan meja; masuklah ke dapur yang tak ada apa-apa; cuma terdapat beberapa jenis sayur, telur dan lada; pinggan, pisau dan kuali dah tersedia; jadi jom mulakan misi kita!

CHOU-FLEUR (sebut : syeflor) BERTELUR

Capai apa yang ada :
Sebiji kubis bunga (chou-fleur) atau suka hati nak banyak mana.
2 biji telur.
Lada hitam.

Kelentang-kelentung :
1) Potong dan rebus kubis bunga sampai lembut.
2) Pecahkan telur dan masukkan lada hitam dan garam secukup rasa. Pukul.
3) Salutkan kubis bunga dengan telur. Kalau telur tak cukup, tambah lagi. Makin tebal salutan, makin sedap suapan!
4) Goreng!

~suitable for vegetarian and non-vegetarian~

Tips :
Chou-fleur Bertelur sedap dimakan apabila orang lain tengah tidur.

CooL CheF :
Selamat makan berjemaah!

~ Tangan Yang Memberi Lebih Baik Daripada Yang Menerima ~

Sabiha Gokcen's White Ticket

Charlie picked it up and tore off the wrapper . . . and suddenly . . . from
underneath the wrapper . . . there came a brilliant flash of gold.
Charlie's heart stood still.

'It's a Golden Ticket!'

Yeay! I think I know how Charlie's feeling when he got that almost-everybody-in-the-world-want-it WILLY WONKA'S GOLDEN TICKET! Same goes here! My hands were trembling (about 6.5 scala Ritcher) when SABIHA GOKCEN'S WHITE TICKET was laying in my palms!

Gosh! Is it true? I hope I was beaten with a carbon steel -alloy 1090- baseball my hair (who's insane enough to get really beaten? rubbish!) to prove that I'm not in a fairy-tale-happily-ever-after sweet DREAM! And at last, I knew that I'm still in my own world ( didn't imagine my head was full of blood after getting beaten, right?).

The story is just about to begin!

'You're just in time!' shouted Grandpa Joe. 'There's not a moment to lose. You must start making preparations at once! Wash your face, comb your hair, scrub your hands, brush your teeth, blow your nose, cut your nails, polish your shoes, iron your shirt, and for heaven's sake, get all that mud off your pants! You must get ready, my boy! You must get ready for the biggest day of your life!'

Really want to own this cool stuff!

Not really big. Just one of the fantastic journey. So, yeah, we started making preparations. Went shopping for food at ACIMA, packing clothes for one week travel, buying a pair of cool white-red sport shoes written Y.M. ZHD on it, 'robbing' POPULAIRE bank, and borrowing trunk from others.

Till the day we'll fly, we still making a preparations! Went to bank to convert dirhams to euros, but we can't do it unless we have a Morocco pasport, so we ran to the exchange place, but was closed! At last, we got several euros from airport. Thanks a lot to Mohammed V International Airport's financial services!

Let's fly with Air Arabia! Pay Less, Fly More! ~lol~

After 5 hours air-journey with Air Arabia (the flight service is horrible! I know it is low fares flight, but could you give us a FREE cup of WATER to break fast at least??? yeah, we were travelling on Ramadhan), we finally smelled the Turkey's air. And there it is, Sabiha Gokcen was waiting for us!

Haha! Actually, Sabiha Gokcen is the name of an international Turkey airport at Istanbul. This place is named after Sabiha Gokcen, the first female combat pilot in the world.

Sabiha Gokcen,
one of the eight adopted children of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (yang terkutuk)

Outside the gates of Wonka's factory, enormous crowds of people had
gathered to watch the five lucky ticket holders going in.

Right beside the gates, in a small group that was carefully shielded from the
crowds by the police, stood the five famous children, together with the grownups
who had come with them.

And outside the glass door of Sabiha Gokcen airport terminal, stood the four young travelers, together with their travel trunks, and yes, there's a lot of people watching us, the four lucky ticket holders to ensure that we're really not a Turkish-born that came from another far far away country (...or maybe from Neptune; based from their faces, looking us weirdly like we're an aliens!).

And now, we're going to enter this 'factory' to expose the history of the famous Ottoman empire!
Ready guys!!!

The coolest one is the one who wears that white-red sneakers!

The lucky four : Me, Mees, Ardh and Niro (it's fun to create a nickname that sounds like a character in a fantasy world!), which of these 3 suits Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Mike Teavee?

Me? Of course I'm Charlie Bucket! The main eyes catcher character in this wonderful journey - ME AND THE OTTOMAN FACTORY-!!!

See you next year! ...I mean next post~


Airline ticket prices (Casablanca - Istanbul Asia) : +-DH2000
Train ticket prices (L'oasis - Aeroport Med V) : +DH40

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