Moroccan Next Top Gourmet!

Voldemort :
Why do you live?

Harry Potter :

Because I have something worth living for

Dah lama tak post entri tentang makanan rasanya. Couple of months? Or more? Bahh...let's don't talk about it. Actually, I have a lot of idea to write, but time seems to be so jealous with me. I wonder why? :P

So, since I'll walk away from this country forever (hopefully not), why don't I be your personal chef, bringing you to the tour of food fiesta, tasting a whole world recipes, judging the best new menu that give an extraordinary taste, and then be a World Next Top Gourmet! Woaaa....

Okay, stop day dreaming. It's really not good for your mental health. ^-^".

As you don't know, Morocco is one of the famous food country. Like the others, they also have their own unique cuisine which can make you drooling just by looking at them and smelling the aroma! Trust me. I'll never ever lie when it comes to food. XD.


The Top 5 Moroccan Cuisines!

# 5

Salatoh (salad)

Let's see...rice is not a main dish in this country, but this picture not really bad right? Looks fabulous and colourful (also have a purple one there..hehe). This cuisine is salad type, so it's healthy and i'm sure those vegetarians would love it! And it's like nasi goreng at our country.

See! See! Can you imagine this one is served right before your eyes when you-are-extremely-hungry for FREE??!! It's AWESOME dude!

# 4


Brilliant taste! That's what I should say about this one. Seffah is made from vermicelli, sugar, cinnamon and ground fried almond. It's taste is good, especially when there is a lot of peanut and sugar! (People, sugar is not good for your health.=P Iklan daripada Kementerian Kesihatan)

Seffah with chicken and onions.

Seffa recipes

# 3


Chicken Pastella

Owowowow! 5 stars! 5 moons! 5 suns! J'adore Pastella! (I love Pastella). Pastella is like a meat pie. It is a combination of a dough layer made of many stratums outside it and a chicken/seafood in the inside. The way to make it is quite complicated, but the result is two thumbs up!

Seafood Pastella

There are two types of Pastella; chicken and seafood. The chicken one is usually sweet with an add of sugar, ground almond and cinnamon, while seafood Pastella is stuffed with vermicelli, fish and prawn, plus a squeezes of lemon. Yummy! *drooling*

Pastella recipes

# 2

Couscous (sebut : kus-kus)

This is one of the famous meal in Morocco. Couscous is a name of special grain which is a main ingredient for this dish.

3 chickens for +5 persons! Believe it or not!

Couscous was eaten every Friday after prayer. This time, all family members will gathering together including grandfather, grandmother, uncle, auntie, niece, cousin (ah semualah senang cakap). Nice right? Not waiting for Aidilfitri for once-in-a-year reunion. Sigh...

Couscous recipes

# 1

Tajine (sebut : tojin)

Tajine lahm bilbarquq (meat tajine with prunes)

Oh my! This one is so-so-so-so-so (1000x) delicious! You'll feel like in a paradise of food whenever you eat this tajine. Seriously! I always hope this dish will served when I want to go to my Moroccan friends's houses. And I'll eat it a loooot even I knew I'll have a stomachache later. XD

Tajine was named after a special pyramid clay which is used to cook it. This triangle clay has a hole on it to let the steam out. You can buy this as a souvenir for me with a suitable price.

Tajine dajaj bizzaitun (chicken tajine with olives)

There's a lot of types of tajine. But the famous ones were chicken tajine and lamb tajine with prunes, apricots, boiled eggs, raisins, olives etc. This dish is eaten with bread normally.

Tajin recipes

Top 10 Cuisines of the World:


Just don't trust this rank coz Malaysian was not listed! :D

Voldemort :
Why do you live?

Cafe Owner :
Because I have a CUISINE that worth living for!

LOL! Just pray that I won't be killed! XD.

Oh yeah, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS part 1 hits theaters on NOVEMBER 19tTH 2010! Let's check the TRAILER out!


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nampak sedaplah.harus ke morocco lah begini.

creamyfiodesi said...

ha meh cni! meh cni! mari sume mntrnak badan..hehe!

ey..bila nak post mysorean punya cuisine pule?

husna tawfiq said...

five stars for this articles~~
lovng it lah kak..
but i do hate the pasrt when you r saying tht u will leave this country..
hey.. its becoming ours kan?
so.. u r morrocan girl~~

p/s: the junior's being improperly behave because everyone are going to leave her soonn~~~ :((

creamyfiodesi said...

who said that i'm a moroccan girl??? sounds good!