Someone wants to know me!

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed
to write a note with 25 random things,
facts, or goals about you.
In the end, choose 5 people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person who tagged you.
If I tag you,it is because I want to know you more."
( ye lah tu..=D)

Important info.
1). I have no job right now. Will you give me some?
2). I love my bed!
3). I like to draw and really want to make a manga of my own.
4). I hate romantic movie / drama / film. It's just disgusting...
5). I dont have an idea what to write...hmmm.

Mom said that ...
1). I am genius! Yeah!
2). I am Sleeping Beauty! You know what it means? =P
3). I am her daughter. (lol..of course!)
4). ...go search for a job!
5). ...come help me. ( Yes mom!)

Bad habits.
1). Being a koala all day.
2). Always wasting my precious time. Fuhh...-.-'
3). Always being tired when it comes to study / work etc...
4). Day dreaming like Shin Chan!
5). Wait...why do you want to know my bad habits???

So-called dreams.
1). Own my very own hotel! No alcohol beverages, no drugs, no porks, no mixed bedroom! I'll kick your butt!
2). To be a main character in Harry!
3). To have my fav job asap. ( Why do I always talking about job?? )
4). To have a pHD before 30. Yeah.. go on!
5). To make sure all my dreams come true!

1). Dont like to communicate too much, thats why I'm randomly use my phone. Seriously Im too lazy to ask people " How are you? ", " What are you doing right now? ", " Where do you study? ", " Have you eaten? ", " Not sleeping yet? It's midnight already! " ...what a waste of credits!

2). Like to critic or comment everything!

3). Love to buy book, but lazy to read it. If I bought ten books, I'll just read 1! lmao!

4). When I love a character in a movie, doesnt mean I like the actor, or another character in another movie that the same actor plays. I like Severus Snape, but I dont really admire the actor, Alan Rickman. And I dont like his role in his other movies. Got it??! Plus, I dislike the main character, mostly. I prefer the sidekick one. Always the coolest one. Yo!

5). Like to do something I like, but getting bored of it in a few days.

My victims :

1) Wawa
2) Pnut
3) Ama
4) Salem
5) Fedit

Ok. Be hardworking!

Oh yeah. This tag is from Prof Ecah!


FeditlitousChuBb said...

sudeyhh! haha. Alan rickman in Sense and sensibility best kot~
anyways, awat pk pasal kerja awai sgt??! heee. good luck cek!

creamyfiodesi said...

best ke Sense n sensebility?
ade mase ley r tgk..haha!

haha..mude2 la nk carik keje..kang da tua xlarat..uhuk2! =D

aisyah said...

Refer to randomness #4:
Agree. Agree. I love Cedric Diggory so much. But not Edward Cullens.

creamyfiodesi said...

wow..that was so random!
how could som1 loves a character that just appears in one series???

cedric in Goblet of Fire! 0_o

Humaira Salahudin said...

den tak ghotilah kak nak jwb soalan tag nie..
ajar ckit a....

creamyfiodesi said...

adoi! apsal xreti plak? haha!
bg je 5 jwpn tok tiap soklan..
easy huh? =D

amal sazali said...

haha, severus snape was me!dat's y u like him,not de :p

btw, how could i be ur victim??
-.-' dats not fair.!if so,put me in 4th place,coz i hate numb 3!hehe

creamyfiodesi said...

ur the other version of Severus Snape!

what with 3? its a lucky number! =)