Cabaran 10 Hari

Cabaran 10 hari!
Daripada Tanduk Bercabang. Hahaha!

1 Picture of Yourself

Yeah, it's cool. I know...

2 Songs

Erm..this is hard. I'm not a big fan of music or singer.
Theres no song that always be on top.
Hmm...hmm...then, I choose randomly.
A song that I can feel syok sendiri while singing. hoho~

i : Look Into My Eyes - Outlandish

Oh let's not cry tonight
I promise you one day it's through

Oh my brothers

Oh my sisters

Oh shine a light for every soul

That ain't with us no more

ii : Tell Me Why - Declan Galbraith

Everyday I ask myself
what will I have to do to be a man?

Do I have to stand and fight

to prove to everybody who I am?

Is that what my life is for

to waste in a world full of war?

I'm promoting these two. Both have humanity messages. Youtubing it, and you'll love it! be continue...


Maryam H said...

Finally! phew!
eh asal ak tanduk bercabang?! -x puas hati-

outlandish tu cam maher zain eh? english nasyeed? cambest je

btw. mmg cool gambar itu. lame giler xnmpk ko heh heh

teruskn usahe anda ye. oh kalu ak lmbt check, dats coz i'm going home!

creamyfiodesi said...

hah..bercabang is Prongs! haha!

erm..nk kate nasyid pon bkn, tp lgu2 die cam brunsur nasihat..mmg best group nih..ade rap dlm bhsa spnyol lg. mmg best!

hehe,name pon da lame xjumpe..=D