A Cinema and A Bookstore...

Which one do you want to go?

3 Films

i : Harry Potter

No doubt, this is an evergreen movie. It has a magic touch on it.
I love the 1st and 7th ones. The 1st - where everything started.
The 7th - full of actions.

ii : Invisible Target

Not all the villains got scar on their faces and use a dirty tricks to fight.
Invisible Target proves it! 3 polices fight against a martial art expert group.
A must watch film! Justice is what we are looking for.
Highly recommended!

iii : Ong Bak

Here comes the Muay Thai pro; Tony Jaa!
I really like fighting movies. Especially, when there's no camera trick in it.
Hold your breathe, coz this one is full of ass-kicking fighting skills and a little bit violent.

4 Books

i : Harry Potter series

No explanation.

ii : One Piece aka Budak Getah

Think pirates are bad? You'll change your mind if you read this.
A great adventure to get One Piece and become the King of the Pirates!
Friendship is everything.

iii : A book about comparative religion

What do you know about the other religion?
How does it exists? Why do they believe it?
Get the answer.

iv : Anything fun and can make me glued to it.

...and yummy!" said the book-worm.


Maryam H said...

I'm here!! he2

hahaa yg HP mvies n books tu da agak daaaaaa...harry freak!

creamyfiodesi said...

haha...tu lah yg pertama trlintas kt otak!

FeditlitousChuBb said...

Salam, trah!! g kat fb aq, aq xingat fb kau, aq jumpa this one store, full of hp's stuff, since u are quite a hp freak like me(no offense), just tell me if u want me to buy for u okay? :)

an'ways, I vote for no1!!! but also the books. sng buat 2 sudeyyy. :)

creamyfiodesi said...

ni yg teruja gile nih!
argghhh!!!! wait3! im coming~
tnggu tau!